Terms and Conditions


    LEarnings from sales will be reflected as follows:

    On all the sales of your stores, you will have up to 40% profit and additionally, you will have 5% on the sales of the stores of your direct referrals.*

    You will receive commissions from the sales of your referrals while your store is active or with orders during that period.

    VVentadirekta requests the data of your TDC (Credit Card) only in cases of activating the sample or returns system within your store. 
    In the first case, by being registered and not complying with the policies of return times or quality of the products, a charge of 50% of the cost of the garments sent is made. For the second scenario, the value of the consigned profit corresponding to the sales returns made in the previous month is discounted.

    Earnings from sales made last month are deposited into your Paypal account the first 10 days of each month. In case of receiving one or several returns, we must deduct the value of the returned garments from your current statement, and you will see the “last month balance” field with this value on your statement. 
    Your earnings for the current month can cover it; however, if this is not the case, you have two months to do so. At the end of this period and the value is still pending, this item will be charged to your card.

    Applies only to users who register through the referral link within the ambassador's store

    W9 Form:

    With the information provided on this form, the company prepares the 1099-MISC form, which reports the total amount paid to the provider in the previous year. If the amount is greater than or equal to $600 dollars, a copy of this form is sent to both the provider and the IRS.

    Sample Program:

    We lend our ambassadors 3 sample products to meet and present to their customers for a period of one week. At the end of this time, the garments must be returned to the warehouse to receive another 3 different references. 
    LThe garments will be chosen by the ambassador. Shipping and returns are free of charge.

    If you are one of the ambassadors who wish to enjoy our girdle program, you must comply with the following:

    -- You will have a week to generate content on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc) 
    - - Generate video content and photos showing the garment, explaining its benefits and illustrating before and after use, how to use it on a daily basis, and all the ideas you have. 
    - Mention your store and include the direct link to it from all networks

    To guide you in the process of creating content about the products, they have VDK Academy, the Ventadirekta academy with tutorials and training.


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