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Ventadirekta, a business of PLN DISTRIBUTIONS LLC, is committed to respecting the right to privacy of all its consumers and anyone who provides their data through

Your information will be protected according to the privacy policies. Only in those cases in which the law requires it or our terms of service are violated by the user, these could be disseminated.

To protect your personal information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to ensure that such information is not inappropriately handled, misused, acquired by third parties, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.


To better understand the needs of users and provide a better service, this site uses anonymous identifiers (cookies) to collect anonymous information on the preferences and interests of its users. A cookie is any string of text that asks for authorization to be stored on the computer's hard drive. If the user agrees, then the browser adds the text in a small file for the purpose of notifying us when the user visits our Website.


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