Frequently Ask Questions

How do I create my store?:

Enter click I want to Start or Register Now. Complete the form with all your info, and sign the policy documents that will be sent to your email.

Is necessary to sign a contract?:

Yes. In our contract you will read all the policies and it is necessary to sign it so you can activate the store and be part of Ventadirekta.

How long does it take to activate my store?:

It activates once you have signed the contract and received the e-mail where we consign your earnings.

How do the payments work?:

The first 10 business days of each month. We consign to your Paypal account the profit obtained from all the sales that were registered in your store during the previ previous month.

Is it required to make any investment to start?:

No. Creating your store is totally free, you only have to make a first purchase or sale within the first 30 days without a mandatory amount.

Is there any cost for store maintenance?:

Only in the months in which your store generates sales and you have a positive balance, $10usd per month is deducted from the statement for website maintenance and customer service operation.

How can I see what I have sold?:

Enter your administrator with your registered email and password. In the left menu, select the Statement option and it will show you your sales for the month. If you want to check previous months, you can do so by selecting the calendar and choosing the desired period.

What requirements do I need to receive my payments?:

You need a Paypal account and complete the form sent to your email with the policies. For the United States, it is the w9 and must be completed with the social security number or ITIN.

You can also claim your earnings in cryptocurrencies by sending us your wallet number and once a month, deposit the equivalent of your earnings in BTC.

Where can I fill in my PayPal information to get paid?:

When you save your store, you will receive the PayPal policies and W9 to activate your store and payments.

There a monthly goal to be met?:

We do not have any mandatory monthly limit, you can generate the sales you want.

How do I access my administrator page?:

Enter your browser and go to click on START SESSION, with your email and password you can access your administrator page as well as your main store.

How long do I have to wait for my payment to arrive?:

Payments are in arrears, we pay the first 10 business days of the following month.

I want to buy a girdle. How do I do it?:

You enter the store, select the product you want, choose the size and color, add to the cart, fill in the shipping and payment information. (we can not make orders for the clients since we would need the personal and payment information)

How long are the changes and returns?:

You have 30 days after placing the order to request changes and returns.
To make the changes, the customer must return the product to the warehouse.
Warehouse confirms receipt and acceptance to be in perfect condition, unused, in its original packaging and with all labels.
A purchase voucher is generated for the value of the order to be redeemed on the web either for the desired change or another product.
- If the Product is defective, we must request photographic support and send a Label for the return.
- In case of receiving a garment in poor condition and that does not approve the established policies. The customer will be asked to send a label for its return. No refund will be applied.

How are the commissions?:

Up to 45% of the price per sale. 40% of the sales within your store and an additional 5% of the sales of the direct referrals you have.

Can I earn commission with referrals?:

Yes, you can refer people to work with you on this project and you will have a 5% commission on their sales.

Are returns deducted from my earnings?:

Yes, in case of returns, the value corresponding to that sale will be deducted from your earnings. You will see these deductions reflected in the "Statement" section.

What are the shipping methods?:

We ship to the entire United States and Puerto Rico by UPS and USPS.

After how long without using my account is it deactivated?:

Your store is never deactivated.

There a limit to where I can sell?:

You can sell anywhere within the United States and Puerto Rico.


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